Dnia 26.09.2014r. w naszej szkole odbył się Dzień Języków Obcych. Z tej okazji uczniowie kl. III przygotowali prezentację multimedialną o krajach anglojęzycznych (dostępna w zakładce English Language Corner) oraz zaserwowali swoim kolego i koleżankom tradycyjną herbatę z mlekiem.


Uczniowie opisali przebieg Dnia Języków Obcych:

English Tea Day

On Friday (26.09.2014) the third gimnazjum class did some interesting things in English and learned about England.

We were divided in to two groups of students. Each group had to make something interesting about England, for example, the first group  made a multimedia presentation about countries where the English language is the official language, for example: India, Ireland, Canada, Malta. They presented this to the younger students and teachers from gimnazjum who all seemed to enjoy the slide show.

The second group made English tea, which is different to Polish tea. To make English  tea you need the following: strong tea, lots of sugar and the magic ingredient, some milk. We needed to find this magic ingredient as there wasn't any in the classroom. This is because Polish people don't have milk in their tea. So one of the students, who knew an English person , asked him for some milk for the English tea, it arrived very quickly!

We made our English tea in the school kitchen with some help from the cooks and then served  the tea  to  the gimnazjum students and teachers, hoping they would all enjoy this new experience. After everyone had tried the English tea we asked them what they thought. Did they like milk in the tea or not?

Unfortunately, everybody said English tea is not very nice or tasty. They didn't like milk in the tea as they were not used to the taste and worried about it making them feel unwell.

Luckily for us at the end of the day we did not have to do  any washing up, we could leave all cups and saucers in the kitchen for the very helpful cooks.